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Skylar Alexander

Hotshot In-Progress

Skylar Alexander: Hotshot In Progress
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the inside scoop on writer Skylar Alexander's process and books, plus writing guides & more!

Name: Skylar
Birthdate: 9/26
Sex: undefined
Siblings: 4

Fruit: red grapes, honeydew melon
Vegetable: broccoli, potatoes
Restaurant: noodles & company, olive garden
Beverage: tea
Song: knights of cydonia - muse, length of love - interpol
Artist: toulouse latrec, salvador dali
Writer: ayn rand, dan millman, alan moore, myself
Quote: give me where to stand and I will move the earth - archimedes

Food: cheese, peanuts, zucchini
Beverage: miller lite
Band: the used, nickleback, creed, etc.
Book: oh my goth, twilight
Behavior: obnoxiousness, rudeness, shamelessness, chat speak, twilight comparisons

The Hotshot
"Those who don't know me don't know that I am a writer.
Those who do know me but don't know I write call me
an artist of graphite and fashion.
Those who know I'm a writer, however, seem to think I'm pretty damn good at it.
Of course, then there are those who don't know me but know I write:
those people collect the dust and hullabaloo I stir up in glass jars and sell them on eBay."

- Skylar Alexander, on herself.

Who is Skylar Alexander?

Skylar Alexander, a self-professed eccentric of eighteen years, personifies the idea of the throwback; returning to the standards of times long past, she infuses the retro and the forgotten into all aspects of her life—from her sense of fashion, taste in music, and (most importantly), her writing. Never catering to public outcry, Skylar functions as a purist who only occasionally offers herself to inspiration from other writers—only those who she holds in the highest esteem. Aptly labeled by family and friends as "the rebel without a cause," this scarlet-haired Iowa native spends most of her free time composing stories people read, and far more that people don't. She is hell-bent on being a best-selling author and hot-shot editor, and (eventually) owner of her own publishing house. Outside of language, her interests are still simplified as words: music, fashion, philosophy, nature, and people; the things that get her goat most are dirty hands and having her work compared to Twilight. She has finished her first novel, Trick, and is working tirelessly towards making it publishing-worthy. Her other works (some listed below) are updated sporadically. Recently, she starred as Link in the short-lived Legend of Zelda: Live Action Abridged Series. Skylar is currently interning at the Midwest Writing center and will soon be majoring in English/Pre-Journalism at the University of Iowa.

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last updated: july 4 2010