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04 July 2010 @ 01:10 pm
obligatory community post after an eon of inactivity  
Hello, everyone.  Skylar Alexander here.

So I guess this is where I say big changes are coming to SkylarAlexander. 
Or, rather, some big changes have came already.

First, the layout of this bad boy is completely revamped (and rather fantastic, if I do say so myself)
Second, I'm slowly working on consolidating previous entries to make browsing much easier for readers.
Third, I'm actually going to try and hold up my end of the bargain when I said I'd have writing guides. 

Also, this community is managed under this livejournal account, not my old one.  Not that that is all that important. 

I'm still having a few problems with the layout; I can't get the individual entry pages to reflect the layout, although on my personal account where I use this same layout, they work fine.  I wonder if its because SkylarAlexander is a community.